Home Seller Pre-Listing Inspection

Are you planning on selling your home in the future? If so then you must get it inspected. An inspection can take place before you put your house up on the market.

The goal of a home seller pre-listing inspection is to see if there are any problems inside your home before you put your property up for sale. It is very easy to miss certain problems around your home like damage to your electric system, plumbing leaks, roof ventilation leaks and so forth.

We offer home seller pre-listing inspection services to ensure you are not caught off guard by serious problems in your home. Our professional inspectors will analyze every part of your property to see what problems may persist.

This is all done to keep your property’s value up. Any defects or issues found in your home during the sale process could cause its value to decline significantly. The last thing you would want is to not get a fair price on your property because of a single issue that you were not aware of until it was too late.

Details on what you need to do to fix a problem are also covered through our services. We offer this to give you the help you require for fixing up anything that might be a threat to your home.

We also provide information to our clients on what they can do to prevent certain problems from developing in their new homes. We want the information you learn during the inspection process to go towards whatever future property you might get into.

Just because your home that you wish to sell feels and looks great does not mean there are no problems with it. Contact us today for a home seller pre-listing inspection so we can identify any trouble spots that need to be fixed up.


What Our Customers Say

“I would like to recommend Abhi for an excellent home inspection job, at my newly built house, here in Masken Circle, Brampton. We hired him to make sure all issues will be address even for a longer coverage than the 30 - day warranty. He was so meticulous, taking pictures every little details and a very well made report. If i did it myself, I could have only check and see the usual defects but with him he knows everything. Even the proper way of doing things. He really made an excellent service which I never have expected. My parting words, I guess is that, everyone should do 30 day inspection too for your own peace of mind. ABHI... JOB WELL DONE, Thank you.”

- Loy, Brampton

“Thanks for following up with us, at this stage I really appreciate your service, Thanks for professional service, Without your service, I would have missed most of the highlighted spots in the inspection. You also make the theoretical part of it a breeze. I highly recommend your service to friends and family. You're well experienced in this field, more than I anticipated. ”

- Ana, Caledon