What Our Customers Say

"It was a very smooth and helpful process. Our home inspector Abhi made it easy and understandable for us as a first time Home buyer. His approach and detail work helped us make a decision to buy or not. He has done properly inspection and gave us a very detailed inspection report, not only that but went over the report with use and explained all the content. He answered our questions and took the time and patience to show us what we could do to fix certain problems. His opinion was valued and appreciated. Such a Knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend Abhi to anyone looking for a reliable home inspection service. A fantastic experience overall. Thank you, Abhi"

- From G S Bhoorji

"Thanks for your service. I like the services you offered. Very professional, very thorough. I am very impressed. I will forward your name to anyone who ask. Many thanks again."

- Christine V , Brampton

"My home inspection was done prompt, professional, and precisely with everything explained very clearly. He took his time and went through everything I should do and need to do in the future. As a first time home buyer I feel much more at ease and comfortable that Vikas thoroughly inspected and assured me that this home will last"

- AA, Brampton

"Vk Abhi is a very punctual person with regards to time commitment. When I phoned him first time and explained the urgency for my new home's 30-day warranty inspection, he managed his schedule to accomodate me at 7am next morning. He is very professional and expert in his work. He takes time in going through all aspects of inspection and also explains relevant house maintance things."

- Nimitt Brampton.

“Abhi it was so nice to meet you. I was so glad I had my home inspection done by you. While you were performing my home inspection I learnt a lot from you I must say your knowledge about home inspection is really good. The best thing I liked about you was you took your time and did not rush. I will definitely recommend you to my friends if they are buying a house and for myself I will always have you perform my home inspection and have peace of mind. Best of luck Abhi”

- A. Khan, Milton

“Abhi has done my 30 days Home inspection perfectly. He is very punctual and professional. He identified each and every issue and reported it accurately. His detailed orientation about my home has given me enough knowledge, what to check in future and how to maintain it. Thanks for your service.”

- Naga P, Brampton

“I would like to recommend Abhi for an excellent home inspection job, at my newly built house, here in Masken Circle, Brampton. We hired him to make sure all issues will be address even for a longer coverage than the 30 - day warranty. He was so meticulous, taking pictures every little details and a very well made report. If i did it myself, I could have only check and see the usual defects but with him he knows everything. Even the proper way of doing things. He really made an excellent service which I never have expected. My parting words, I guess is that, everyone should do 30 day inspection too for your own peace of mind. ABHI... JOB WELL DONE, Thank you.”

- Loy, Brampton

“Abhi, It was really good experience to be with you as my house inspector. It's was beyond my expectations the way you try to explain me minor minor things. It was great. I will alway refer your name if anyone looking for this job. Thanks. ”

- Nitin Tiwari, Brampton

“Thanks for following up with us, at this stage I really appreciate your service, Thanks for professional service, Without your service, I would have missed most of the highlighted spots in the inspection. You also make the theoretical part of it a breeze. I highly recommend your service to friend and family. You're well experienced in this field than I anticipated. ”

- Anna, Caledon

“The inspection of our home that Abhi performed was thorough and helpful. He did a terrific job and explained all the details to me and my wife. He also spent more time with us giving us advices on how to take care of our new home and maintain certain things in our house. He definitely exceeded our expectations for our home inspection. We strongly recommend his service. Abhi , Thanks again for your efforts. ”

- Touhid, Caledon

“I found Abhi's services very detailed-oriented, thorough & helpful. He followed up and performed all tasks within time & quality.”

- R, H Caledon

“Though i were a bit pessimistic initially for an inspection on a new home which we had purchased from an reputed builder, I decided to go ahead with professional inspection since I could easily identify few defects during the first few days convinced there will be more. Abhi is was knowledgeable and did the inspection quite professionally. He took his time to perform his inspection explaining his findings as he progressed. He did identify defects which I would have missed despite living there. I would highly recommend DK Home Inspection services for any new home buyer.”

- Nainan, Caledon

Abhi went above and beyond my expectations in everything he did from doing the inspection to writing the report. I certainly did not expect him to spend so many hours on just my home but he certainly made me feel very satisfied by his service. I give him an A+ in everything he did for me.”

- Rehman, Brampton

“We have had done many home inspections in the past but when Abhi did our last inspection, we were amazed to see the detailed and keenness of Abhi's way of, not only to inspect but the way of explaining was very detailed and eye opening. His service quality is outstanding and its more than anyone can imagine. We definitely would do love to recommend DK Homeinspection services to everyone we know. We will do our best to spread good words about his services so that others can also take advantage of his incredible services as well. We wish and bless him all the very best. Thanks.”

- Mr & Mrs Hundal

“Abhi,I really liked your service, that you came to do my home inspection in such a short notice.
You did a great job by looking for every possible fault in the house.
We liked your service. I will strongly recommend your service to my family and friends.Thanks once again”

- Sandeep K, Mississauga