Pre-Purchase Inspection

You must be aware of what might be inside your property as you buy it. The problem with many pre-owned properties is that they often have their own individual defects. Some might have weak foundations while others have walls riddled with pests.

A used home must be properly reviewed and inspected before you move into one. This is where our pre-purchase inspection services can help.

We offer the best possible pre-purchase inspection services you could ever require. We analyze your home to identify any hazards or safety issues plus any spots that need to be repaired. Our goal is to help you find a home you can be comfortable with while also finding ways to reduce your maintenance costs.

Our pre-owned home inspection service will analyze everything relating to any property you wish to buy. Our pre-purchase analysis efforts look to see that everything inside the home you wish to buy is of proper working order. From the HVAC system to the brick work around your home and all things in between, we perform a thorough and fully controlled inspection that works perfectly for analyzing your needs.

You can get repairs to a property in the event that certain problems are actually found. Price adjustments on the property you wish to buy can be made too. We want to ensure that you have gotten the help you need for getting your purchase handled right.

Contact us today if you need a pre-purchase inspection on your property. We will assist you in reviewing everything inside the home you wish to buy. Our goal is to see that what you are buying is appropriate for your use. We know that you can get more out of your home when it is properly inspected before you purchase it.


What Our Customers Say

“I would like to recommend Abhi for an excellent home inspection job, at my newly built house, here in Masken Circle, Brampton. We hired him to make sure all issues will be address even for a longer coverage than the 30 - day warranty. He was so meticulous, taking pictures every little details and a very well made report. If i did it myself, I could have only check and see the usual defects but with him he knows everything. Even the proper way of doing things. He really made an excellent service which I never have expected. My parting words, I guess is that, everyone should do 30 day inspection too for your own peace of mind. ABHI... JOB WELL DONE, Thank you.”

- Loy, Brampton

“Thanks for following up with us, at this stage I really appreciate your service, Thanks for professional service, Without your service, I would have missed most of the highlighted spots in the inspection. You also make the theoretical part of it a breeze. I highly recommend your service to friends and family. You're well experienced in this field, more than I anticipated. ”

- Ana, Caledon